When you hold courses with us, your role will simply be to concentrate on the course itself. We take care of all the practicalities.

We understand that when you are the course leader or meeting facilitator, your time will be consumed ensuring an effective and successful day for the participants. That’s why we try to add some extra benefits for those that have the instructor role. We always make sure you get an upgraded bedroom, so there is ample space with room to relax and prepare effectively. And the front desk team will always be available to assist whenever you need.

We’ll take care of the technical stuff

When you arrive at the meeting room, you will always be greeted by one of our AV technicians, who will ensure that all the IT works as it should. We have all the equipment on site, including a computer linked to the projector, so all you have to bring is a USB stick with your slides. The technician will not leave until you are satisfied that everything is as expected. Should you require technical assistance at anytime during the day, the technician is always within easy reach. Our Food and Beverage team constantly check supplies of coffee, tea, ice water and fruit, so there is always fresh provisions for you and your delegates.


“When I arrive at Skanderborg Park, often several times a month, then I am always greeted by warmth, professionalism and a staff that enthusiastically say “Hi Michael”. I know it’s a cliché, but it’s kind of like coming home … just cleaner and with homemade food :-)

That EVERYTHING as ALWAYS just works, from the AV, the right table setup to the always delicious food. It means that I can just concentrate on being a lecturer and teacher.”

Michael Groser. Owner of
It's just like coming home.

“I run courses throughout Denmark and compared to many other places, Skanderborg Park is always just like coming home. It is an oasis. There is tranquility that provides the optimal basis for learning. There is room for you to retreat and to reflect and, yes, you just feel like one of the special guests, no matter who you are. That the food is also excellent, is just a bonus.”

Pernille Bech Hansen. Consultant at FU Learning Centre
If there is one thing I would particularly highlight at Skanderborg Park….

…it’s their ability to make us feel welcome. In their customer service, they provide both warmth and charm and at the same time, are professionally competent, so everything just works.

Kim Fogh / Leadership Lighthouse