Conference & Meeting

Café Style

Break the mould and set up randomly.

Café style provides a good energy in the room, allowing the participants to easily interact around the room. A variety of different group constellations can be created in the same room.

Classroom Style

Practical setup for teaching and meetings.

Rows of tables with chairs facing the front offers a layout suitable for teaching and induction meetings, which do not require extensive dialogue among the participants. It also provides note writing or laptop space for each person.

Congress Style

This setup is suitable for working in groups.

Congress style is suitable for when there is a good mix communication and dialogue between small groups working at separate tables.

Creative Set-up

Try something innovative and encourage creativity.

There is a wealth of potential for a creative set-up, and it’s only imagination that limits the possibilities for an inspired set -up that fits the meeting purpose.

If the meeting is to have an informal feel and the participants are to talk intimately or break down barriers, then bean bag chairs may be the way.

If you are planning something like a project development meeting, you can have an integrated table by the screen, and café tables at the back of the room along with some flip-charts, so the team can brainstorm and get lots of ideas.

Theatre Style

Rows of chairs facing a stage or speaker.

This set-up is suitable for shorter speeches and lectures where participants are not expected to participate actively or take notes, but simply listen and receive information.

U-Shaped Style

Encourages dialogue, positive energy and sense of security.

U-shaped layout, also referred to as horseshoe, allows for good open dialogue in the room, as all participants have the opportunity to see each other. In addition, it provides the teacher or speaker with the opportunity to move around the tables and get close to the participants.

Typically used for Board of Directors meetings, committee meetings and discussion groups where there is a speaker, AV presentation or other focal point.

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