Room 110

With its fantastic skylight, Room 110 is the other half of our largest room known as The Pyramid, comfortably seating 25 – 45 people.

The name comes from the fact that the ceiling has a stunning glass pyramid skylight, bathing the room in a wonderful natural light.

Helping to create an engaging environment for participants, the room has large glass sections offering impressive views of the forest’s edge and the golf course. Surrounding the room is a wraparound balcony, with access down to the forest and the golf course, allowing delegates to get some fresh air in between sessions

The room can be used alone, as Room 110, or merged into 109/110, thereby accommodating up to 180 people. The room is ideal for meetings and conferences of 25 – 45 people in U-shaped or islands set-up, but when merged with Room 109, it offers exceptional opportunities. Contact a Meetovator for inspiration on how the room can be used to maximum advantage.

Audio Visual: Room 110 is equipped with a computer and a touch panel control system, from which all the functions of the room such as lighting, sound, projector and screen can be controlled. In addition, there is a CD player, DVD, whiteboard and flip chart. The area also has a hearing loop installed.

Room 110:
Area: 91 m2

Width: 7.90 m
Length: 11.50 m

The Pyramid Room combined:
Area: 182 m2

Width: 15.80 m
Length: 11.50 m