Room 106

With inspiring views over the golf course towards the lake, Room 106 is perfect for meetings and conferences for between 25 and 60 participants.

One of our most popular meeting rooms, Room 106 feels incredibly spacious yet homely. You enter via a small landing at the top of three steps before you walk down into the room. Along the entire length of one side the room are large windows overlooking the golf course, and the high ceilings give it an even more spacious feel.

The room has access to a large private terrace overlooking both the golf course and Skanderborg Lake.

It’s perfect for meetings and conferences of between 25 to 60 participants, depending on the layout of the room. You are always welcome to contact a Meetovator, who can give you inspiration for various layout options depending on the purpose of the meeting.

Audio Visual: Room 106 is equipped with a computer and a touch panel control system, from which all the functions of the room such as lighting, sound, projector and screen can be controlled. In addition, there is a CD player, DVD, whiteboard and flip chart.

Room 106
Area: 95.4 m2

Width: 9 m
Length: 10.6 m