Room 007 – 009

View of the forest’s edge – spacious room with room for 20 – 50 people.

Room 007 – 009, located on the lower floor, are lovely spacious rooms that offer good opportunity for an alternative set-up, with views of the forest’s edge.

The room is quiet and undisturbed, and because of the large windows opening onto the newly refurbished atrium garden, there is a sense of space and tranquility as well as easy access for outdoor work or breaks, when the weather permits.

The room is ideal for meetings and conferences of 25 – 45 people in U-shaped or islands set-up and there is still space for small islands at the back of the room for coffee tables, bean bags or similar. Contact a Meetovator for inspiration on how the room can be used to maximum advantage.

Audio Visual: Room 007 – 009 is equipped with a computer and a touch panel control system, from which all the functions of the room such as lighting, sound, projector and screen can be controlled. In addition, there is a CD player, DVD, whiteboard and flip chart.


Room 007 – 009
Area: 84 m2

Width: 6.60 m
Length: 12.90 m